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subroutine vector (VEC, OP, FORMUL, IELM1, XMUL, F, G, H, U, V, W, MESH, MSK, MASKEL, LEGO, ASSPAR)

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subroutine vector ( type(bief_obj), intent(inout)  VEC,
character(len=1), intent(in)  OP,
character(len=16), intent(in)  FORMUL,
integer, intent(in)  IELM1,
double precision, intent(in)  XMUL,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  F,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  G,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  H,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  U,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  V,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  W,
type(bief_mesh), intent(inout)  MESH,
logical, intent(in)  MSK,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  MASKEL,
logical, intent(in), optional  LEGO,
logical, intent(in), optional  ASSPAR 
[in,out]vec[in] ASSPAR If yes, rarallel assembly of the vector is done
[in]FFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in]FORMULString with the formula describing the vector
[in]GFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in]HFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in]IELM1Type of element
[in]MASKELMasking of elements =1. : NORMAL =0. : MASKED ELEMENT
[in]MESHMesh structure
[in]MSKIf yes, there is masked elements
[in]OP'=' : we do vec= the vector '+' : WE DO VEC=VEC+ THE VECTOR
[in]UFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in]VFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in]WFunction used in the vector formula (bief_obj)
[in,out]VECResulting vector
[in]XMULMultiplication coefficient

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