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subroutine user_forcing_gaia

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subroutine user_forcing_gaia ( )
Makes it possible to enforce wave conditions in order to avoid coupling with TOMAWAC
     Impose values of :
     -  wave height:                     HW
     -  wave period:                     TW
     -  wave direction (wrt to Oy axis): THETAW 
User subroutine; does nothing by default
example with no waves:
amplitude = 0
CALL os('X=0 ',x=hw)
period = 1 s
CALL os('X=C ',x=tw,c=1.d0)
angle = 0
CALL os('X=0 ',x=thetaw)
user_forcing_gaia is called at each time step in order to impose a variable forcing (tidal current, for example)

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