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thermal_khione.f File Reference

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subroutine, public thermal_khione::thermal_fluxes (TAIR, TWAT, TFRZ, TDEW, CC, VISB, WIND, PLUIE, SUMPH, PHCL, PHRI, PHPS, PHIB, PHIE, PHIH, PHIP, ANFEM, DT, AT, MARDAT, MARTIM, LAMBD0, CICE)
subroutine, public thermal_khione::icover_growth (TWAT, TMELT, SUMPH, ANFEM, THIFEMS, HWI, DT)
subroutine thermal_khione::solar (DN, T1, T2, CC, PHCL, PHRI, PHPS, CICE, LAMBD0)
double precision function, public thermal_khione::waterice_heat_coef (H, U, TWAT, TFRZ)
integer function, public thermal_khione::leap (IYEAR)
double precision function, public thermal_khione::daynum (IYEAR, IMONTH, IDAY, IHOUR, IMIN, ISEC)