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t3d_aed2.F90 File Reference

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subroutine, public t3d_aed2::init_aed2_models (NAMLST, DNAME, NWQ_VAR, NBEN_VAR, NDIAG_VAR)
subroutine, public t3d_aed2::names_var_aed2 (NV_AED2, NAMESAED2)
subroutine, public t3d_aed2::init_var_aed2_models (NCELLS, CC_, CC_DIAG_, NWQ, NWQBEN, SM, BM)
character function tolower (C)
logical function same_str_icase (A, B)
subroutine set_initial_from_file
subroutine, public t3d_aed2::set_env_aed2_models (DT_, TEMP_, SALT_, RHO_, H_, TSS_, RAD_, EXTCOEFF_, AREA_, I_0_, WND_, RAIN_, AIR_TEMP_, USTAR_BED_, USTAR_SURF_, Z_, BATHY_, MAT_ID_, ACTIVE_, BENTH_MAP_, BIODRAG_, SOLARSHADE_, RAINLOSS_)
subroutine t3d_aed2::check_data
subroutine t3d_aed2::define_column (COLUMN, COL, CC, CC_DIAG, FLUX_PEL, FLUX_ATM, FLUX_BEN, NPLAN)
subroutine t3d_aed2::calculate_fluxes (COLUMN, COUNT, FLUX_PEL, FLUX_ATM, FLUX_BEN, H_AED2)
subroutine t3d_aed2::check_states (COLUMN, TOP, BOT)
subroutine, public t3d_aed2::do_aed2_models (NCELLS, NCOLS, NPLAN, FLUXAED2, EXTCAED2, TA)
subroutine, public t3d_aed2::clean_aed2_models
subroutine t3d_aed2::light (COLUMN, COUNT, IO, EXTC, PAR_, H_)
subroutine t3d_aed2::settling (N, DTAED2, H_AED2, WW, FSED, Y)
logical function t3d_aed2::riparian (COLUMN, ACTV, SHADE_FRAC, RAIN_LOSS)
subroutine t3d_aed2::update (COLUMN, COUNT)
subroutine t3d_aed2::particles (COLUMN, COUNT, H_)
subroutine t3d_aed2::bioextinction (COLUMN, COUNT, EXTC)
subroutine t3d_aed2::biodrag (COLUMN, COUNT, BDRAG)
subroutine t3d_aed2::biodensity (COLUMN, COUNT, BIO_DENSITY)


integer t3d_aed2::solution_method
character(len=128) t3d_aed2::init_values_file = ''
logical, dimension(:), pointer t3d_aed2::active
integer, dimension(:), pointer t3d_aed2::surf_map
integer, dimension(:), pointer t3d_aed2::benth_map
integer, dimension(:,:), pointer t3d_aed2::mat
logical t3d_aed2::link_water_clarity
logical t3d_aed2::link_water_density
logical t3d_aed2::link_bottom_drag
logical t3d_aed2::link_surface_drag
logical t3d_aed2::link_ext_par
logical t3d_aed2::ext_tss_extinction
logical t3d_aed2::link_solar_shade
logical t3d_aed2::link_rain_loss
logical t3d_aed2::do_limiter
logical t3d_aed2::do_2d_atm_flux
logical t3d_aed2::do_particle_bgc
logical t3d_aed2::old_zones = .TRUE.
logical t3d_aed2::do_zone_averaging = .FALSE.
integer t3d_aed2::n_aed2_vars
integer t3d_aed2::n_vars
integer t3d_aed2::n_vars_ben
integer t3d_aed2::n_vars_diag
integer t3d_aed2::n_vars_diag_sheet

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ same_str_icase()

logical function init_var_aed2_models::same_str_icase ( character(len=*), intent(in)  A,
character(len=*), intent(in)  B 

Definition at line 545 of file t3d_aed2.F90.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ set_initial_from_file()

subroutine init_var_aed2_models::set_initial_from_file ( )

Definition at line 581 of file t3d_aed2.F90.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ tolower()

character function init_var_aed2_models::tolower ( character, intent(in)  C)

Definition at line 516 of file t3d_aed2.F90.

+ Here is the caller graph for this function: