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suspension_miles_gaia.f File Reference

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subroutine suspension_miles_gaia (HN, NPOIN, HMIN, FDM, FD90, XWC, CSRATIO)

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subroutine suspension_miles_gaia ( type(bief_obj), intent(in)  HN,
integer, intent(in)  NPOIN,
double precision, intent(in)  HMIN,
double precision, intent(in)  FDM,
double precision, intent(in)  FD90,
double precision, intent(in)  XWC,
type(bief_obj), intent(inout)  CSRATIO 
[in]hn[in] HN Water depth
[in]NPOINNumber of points
[in]HMINMinimal water depth to consider erosion
[in]FDMGrain size (D50)
[in]FD90Grain size (D90)
[in]XWCSettling velocity
[in,out]CSRATIORatio between bottom concentration and

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