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friction_def::friction_obj Type Reference
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Public Attributes

integer, dimension(2) gnumb
integer rtype
integer vtype
double precision rcoef
double precision ndef
double precision, dimension(15) vcoef
type(pointer_to_friction), dimension(:), pointer adr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file friction_def.f.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adr

type(pointer_to_friction), dimension(:), pointer friction_def::friction_obj::adr

Definition at line 45 of file friction_def.f.

◆ gnumb

integer, dimension(2) friction_def::friction_obj::gnumb

Definition at line 36 of file friction_def.f.

◆ ndef

double precision friction_def::friction_obj::ndef

Definition at line 42 of file friction_def.f.

◆ rcoef

double precision friction_def::friction_obj::rcoef

Definition at line 41 of file friction_def.f.

◆ rtype

integer friction_def::friction_obj::rtype

Definition at line 37 of file friction_def.f.

◆ vcoef

double precision, dimension(15) friction_def::friction_obj::vcoef

Definition at line 43 of file friction_def.f.

◆ vtype

integer friction_def::friction_obj::vtype

Definition at line 38 of file friction_def.f.

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