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bief_def::bief_obj Type Reference
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Public Attributes

integer key
integer type
character(len=6) father
character(len=6) name
integer nat
integer elm
integer dim1
integer maxdim1
integer dim2
integer maxdim2
integer dimdisc
integer status
character(len=1) typr
character(len=1) typi
double precision, dimension(:), pointer r => NULL()
double precision, dimension(:), pointer e => NULL()
integer, dimension(:), pointer i => NULL()
integer sto
integer stox
integer elmlin
integer elmcol
character(len=1) typdia
character(len=1) typext
type(bief_obj), pointer d => NULL()
type(bief_obj), pointer x => NULL()
integer pro
integer n
integer maxblock
type(pointer_to_bief_obj), dimension(:), pointer adr => NULL()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file bief_def.f.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adr

type(pointer_to_bief_obj), dimension(:), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::adr => NULL()

Definition at line 198 of file bief_def.f.

◆ d

type(bief_obj), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::d => NULL()

Definition at line 178 of file bief_def.f.

◆ dim1

integer bief_def::bief_obj::dim1

Definition at line 111 of file bief_def.f.

◆ dim2

integer bief_def::bief_obj::dim2

Definition at line 117 of file bief_def.f.

◆ dimdisc

integer bief_def::bief_obj::dimdisc

Definition at line 124 of file bief_def.f.

◆ e

double precision, dimension(:), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::e => NULL()

Definition at line 146 of file bief_def.f.

◆ elm

integer bief_def::bief_obj::elm

Definition at line 108 of file bief_def.f.

◆ elmcol

integer bief_def::bief_obj::elmcol

Definition at line 167 of file bief_def.f.

◆ elmlin

integer bief_def::bief_obj::elmlin

Definition at line 164 of file bief_def.f.

◆ father

character(len=6) bief_def::bief_obj::father

Definition at line 94 of file bief_def.f.

◆ i

integer, dimension(:), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::i => NULL()

Definition at line 150 of file bief_def.f.

◆ key

integer bief_def::bief_obj::key

Definition at line 87 of file bief_def.f.

◆ maxblock

integer bief_def::bief_obj::maxblock

Definition at line 196 of file bief_def.f.

◆ maxdim1

integer bief_def::bief_obj::maxdim1

Definition at line 114 of file bief_def.f.

◆ maxdim2

integer bief_def::bief_obj::maxdim2

Definition at line 120 of file bief_def.f.

◆ n

integer bief_def::bief_obj::n

Definition at line 194 of file bief_def.f.

◆ name

character(len=6) bief_def::bief_obj::name

Definition at line 97 of file bief_def.f.

◆ nat

integer bief_def::bief_obj::nat

Definition at line 105 of file bief_def.f.

◆ pro

integer bief_def::bief_obj::pro

Definition at line 184 of file bief_def.f.

◆ r

double precision, dimension(:), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::r => NULL()

Definition at line 142 of file bief_def.f.

◆ status

integer bief_def::bief_obj::status

Definition at line 130 of file bief_def.f.

◆ sto

integer bief_def::bief_obj::sto

Definition at line 157 of file bief_def.f.

◆ stox

integer bief_def::bief_obj::stox

Definition at line 161 of file bief_def.f.

◆ typdia

character(len=1) bief_def::bief_obj::typdia

Definition at line 171 of file bief_def.f.

◆ type

integer bief_def::bief_obj::type

Definition at line 90 of file bief_def.f.

◆ typext

character(len=1) bief_def::bief_obj::typext

Definition at line 175 of file bief_def.f.

◆ typi

character(len=1) bief_def::bief_obj::typi

Definition at line 138 of file bief_def.f.

◆ typr

character(len=1) bief_def::bief_obj::typr

Definition at line 134 of file bief_def.f.

◆ x

type(bief_obj), pointer bief_def::bief_obj::x => NULL()

Definition at line 181 of file bief_def.f.

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