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subroutine solaux (IPT, TB, TBB, ITB, ITBB, S)

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subroutine solaux ( integer, intent(inout)  IPT,
type(bief_obj), intent(inout)  TB,
type(bief_obj), intent(inout)  TBB,
integer, intent(inout)  ITB,
integer, intent(inout)  ITBB,
integer, intent(in)  S 
[in]s[out] IPT Pointer in tbb of the bief_obj structure asked
[in]ITBFirst free vector in tb
[in]ITBBFirst free block in tbb
[in]SSize of system 1: 1 matrix 2: 4 MATRICES 3: 9 MATRICES
[in]TBBlock of working bief_obj structures
[in]TBBBlock of blocks

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