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subroutine read_fic_frliq (Q, WHAT, AT, NFIC, LISTIN, FOUND)

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subroutine read_fic_frliq ( double precision, intent(inout)  Q,
character(len=9), intent(in)  WHAT,
double precision, intent(in)  AT,
integer, intent(in)  NFIC,
logical, intent(in)  LISTIN,
logical, intent(out)  FOUND 
[in]whatAT Time_rff in seconds
[in]LISTINIf yes, prints information
[in]NFICLogical unit of file
[out]QVariable read and interpolated
[out]FOUNDIf false: variable not found
[in]WHATVariable to look for in 9 characters
[in]MARDATReference date of the simumation
[in]MARTIMReference time of the simulation

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