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subroutine read_drogues (NP, NP_MAX, XP, YP, ZP, TAGP, CLSP, ELTP, SHPP, NPOIN2, NPOIN3, NELEM, NELMAX, IKLE, X, Y, T2DPLO)

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subroutine read_drogues ( integer, intent(inout)  NP,
integer, intent(in)  NP_MAX,
double precision, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  XP,
double precision, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  YP,
double precision, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  ZP,
integer, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  TAGP,
integer, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  CLSP,
integer, dimension(np_max), intent(inout)  ELTP,
double precision, dimension(3,np_max), intent(inout)  SHPP,
integer, intent(in)  NPOIN2,
integer, intent(in)  NPOIN3,
integer, intent(in)  NELEM,
integer, intent(in)  NELMAX,
integer, dimension(nelmax,3), intent(in)  IKLE,
double precision, dimension(npoin2), intent(in)  X,
double precision, dimension(npoin2), intent(in)  Y,
type(bief_file), intent(in)  T2DPLO 
[in]t2dplo[out] CLSP Class of drogues
[out]ELTPElement for each drogue
[in]IKLEConnectivity table
[in]NELEMNumber of elements in the mesh
[in]NELMAXMaximum number of elements in the mesh
[out]NPNumber of drogues
[in]NPOIN2Number of points of 2d mesh
[in]NPOIN3Number of points of 3d mesh
[in]NP_MAXMaximum number of drogues
[out]SHPPBarycentric coordinates of drogues in their ELEMENTS.
[out]TAGPTag of drogues
[in]T2DPLOPrevious drogues computation file
[in]XAbscissae of points in the mesh
[out]XPAbscissae of drogues
[in]YOrdinates of points in the mesh
[out]YPOrdinates of drogues
[out]ZPElevations of drogues

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