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subroutine get_data_value (FFORMAT, FID, RECORD, VAR_NAME, RES_VALUE, N, IERR)

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subroutine get_data_value ( character(len=8), intent(in)  FFORMAT,
integer, intent(in)  FID,
integer, intent(in)  RECORD,
character(len=16), intent(in)  VAR_NAME,
double precision, dimension(n), intent(inout)  RES_VALUE,
integer, intent(in)  N,
integer, intent(out)  IERR 
[in]fformatFFORMAT Format of the file
[in]FILE_IDFile descriptor
[in]RECORDTime step to read in the file
[in]VAR_NAMEVariable for which we need the value
[in,out]RES_VALUEValue for each point at time step record FOR THE VARIABLE VAR_NAME
[in]NSize of res_value
[out]IERR0 if no error during the execution

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