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cvsp_output_init_gaia.f File Reference

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subroutine cvsp_output_init_gaia

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◆ cvsp_output_init_gaia()

subroutine cvsp_output_init_gaia ( )

U.MERKEL 30/07/2012 V6P2

P. A. TASSI (EDF R&D, LNHE) 12/03/2013 V6P3 Cleaning, cosmetic

Y AUDOUIN (LNHE) 25/05/2015 V7P0 Modification to comply with the hermes module

R.KOPMANN (BAW) 05/12/2017 V7P2 File opening via cas-file for VSPRES, no VSPHYD by default anymore, but could be reactiveted

Definition at line 4 of file cvsp_output_init_gaia.f.

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