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couple_mod.F File Reference

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subroutine, public couple_mod::init_couple ()
subroutine, public couple_mod::add_sender (MESH_SEND, CID)
subroutine couple_mod::read_recv (FILE_RECV, RECV_VAR, CID, NPOIN, SEND_NODE, NPP)
subroutine, public couple_mod::add_receiver (MESH_RECV, FILE_RECV, RECV_VAR, CID)
subroutine, public couple_mod::send_couple (CID, NPOIN, NVAR, VARCOUPLE)
subroutine, public couple_mod::receive_couple (CID, NPOIN, NVAR, VARCOUPLE, DEFAULT_VAL)
subroutine, public couple_mod::end_couple
subroutine couple_mod::debug_info (DEBUG_STRING, DEBUG_INT)


type  couple_mod::couple_data_type


type(couple_data_type), dimension(:), allocatable couple_mod::cpld
integer couple_mod::nrcouple
integer, parameter couple_mod::maxcouple = 4
integer, parameter couple_mod::maxvar = 10
integer, parameter couple_mod::maxnpp = 20
logical, public couple_mod::do_couple = .FALSE.