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subroutine cormar (PART, UTEL, VTEL, HTEL)

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subroutine cormar ( integer, intent(in)  PART,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  UTEL,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  VTEL,
type(bief_obj), intent(in)  HTEL 
[in]partAT Computation time
[in]HTELTelemac water depth
[in]LTNumber of the time step currently solved
[out]NVCOUNumber of variables of the formatted current file
[out]NVHMAN.of variables of the formatted water level file
[in]PARTFlag for direct coupling with telemac
[out]TC1Time t1 in the current file
[out]TC2Time t2 in the current file
[out]TM1Time t1 in the water level file
[out]TM2Time t2 in the water level file
[in]UTELX-axis telemac current speed
[in]VTELY-axis telemac current speed

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